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Control time switches remotely, regardless of location, safely and securely - with the talento smart LAN module
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In control from everywhere – Smartly networked with the talento smart LAN Module

| DIN Rail Time Switches | No Comments
talento smart LAN modul - for networks Under control from anywhere and smartly networked – with the products of the talento smart system devices and the talento smart LAN module.…

Flush-mounted dimmer trim 100

| Dimmer | No Comments
Small, practical, good Flush-mounted dimmer trim 100 The trim 100 is quickly and easily installed behind a standard push-button, making it perfect for retrofitting existing systems. The affordable 2-wire flush-mounted dimmer…

Changing the clocks? No problem with Grässlin’s astro function

| pluggable timer | No Comments
The days are getting longer again, and the clocks are changed to daylight saving time. Time to take a look at a particular function of our Grässlin time switches. In…