trealux 510

  • Universal installation through automatic detection of the type of wiring (3- or 4-wire)
  • Easy installation by wiring from below
  • Easy and quick installation

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The staircase timers trealux offer the highest functionality and enable individual control of the desired situation in residential buildings, offices, trade and industry and in the entire outdoor area and deliver a noticeably improved energy efficiency. The trealux enable a universal and simple installation with automatic recognition of the type of cabling. They are therefore ideal for use with modern light sources such as energy-saving lamps and various ballasts.

Operating voltage
230 V AC
50–60 Hz
1 module
Glow lamp load
100 mA
Setting range time
0,5–20 min
3/4-way conductors
NO contact
Switching output
Not potential-free (230 V), potential-free at the mult-voltage input
Incandescent/halogen lamp load
2600 W
Fluorescent lamp load (electronic ballast)
1100 W
LED lamps < 2 W (typ.)
55 W
LED lamps > 2 W (typ.)
600 W
Switching capacity
16 A (at 230 V AC, cos phi = 1), 10 AX (at 230 V AC, cos phi = 0,3)
Ambient temperature
–25 °C … +50 °C
Protection class
Type of protection
IP 20
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